Satellite phone

5 important criteria to choose your satellite phone

The satellite phone is a faster and more efficient way to communicate. How to better choose your satellite phone?


A satellite phone is a mobile communication phone, which uses a satellite relay system to connect its various users; satellites in geostationary or scrolling orbits. Our ordinary telephones, on the other hand, use terrestrial base stations. The satellite phone is more convenient and usable in many parts of the world and in all countries. Regardless of the presence of a terrestrial relay antenna, you can easily communicate with a satellite phone.


  1. Choosing your satellite phone operator: Choosing your satellite phone begins with choosing the operator. There are four satellite phone providers in the world. You can choose between Iridium, Immarsat, Thuraya and Global Star, and it is important to consider the operator’s transmission network to ensure quality network coverage and seamless communication with the rest of the world. The right choice of operator ensures you a quality service. You can then base yourself on your operator’s constellation type and satellite network.
  2. The subscription package and credit offered by your provider: A satellite phone also has some similarities with the regular phone. It has an autonomy and works with a Sim card, voucher. You then use refills, units to communicate with your correspondents. You can buy 75, 500 or 5,000 minute refills that are converted into units. You can also judge on the subscription system and the validity period of the various services and top-ups offered by the telephone operator. This way, you can have monthly subscriptions and packages with various options.
  3. Satellite phone resistance: The resistance of the proposed phone must be one of the various criteria for choosing a phone. It is preferable to choose a phone with a high resistance to rain, dust and shocks. The use of a satellite phone can go up to decades without any problem.
  4. Features and various options in use should not be omitted: Offers such as the possibility of sending, receiving SMS, calls, skyfile. Access to the Internet service is also a factor to take into account when choosing your operator. The proposed flow rate is also to be taken into account.
  5. The design and model of the satellite phone: are also important depending on how you intend to use it. You have models that are very practical and easy to keep on hand for travel, as well as large and difficult to transport models. Depending on the use, you must ensure this.